Page 128. 1959 Itom Tabor 65cc Classic Racer SOLD

1959 Itom Tabor 65cc Classic Racing Moped

Matching frame/ engine numbers

DVLA Registered 793 UA (V5).

Sale includes original factory certificate of origin

and original 1959 logbook

and various booklets and road tests

itom_tabor_65cc copy.jpg

It’s not often that such a rare classic racer comes up for sale.

This Itom was prepared by its previous owner.

It has a 3-speed foot-change gearbox, which looks original.

It was last MOT’d and run around 1994

and was in storage for many years since.

It has lots of nice little design touches, such as the flanged alloy rims and stainless spokes.

The wheels will come up well with some elbow grease.

We recently went through it thoroughly.

This Itom runs – you can easily push-start it in 1st gear

– though you’d better warn the neighbours first 🙂

It’s time it was raced again..


1959_Itom_Tabor_1 copy.jpg


The Itom has a special place in the hearts of 1950’s racing fans, as Mike Hailwood’s first trophy was at Blandford on 10 June 1957 for his 3rd place finish on a 50cc Itom.

itom_Hailwood copy.jpg

Photo courtesy

(visit this site to see more racing Itom pictures)


tabor_ad copy.jpg

The Itom factory was founded in Turin by lawyer Corrado Corradi, and began production in 1948 at Via Francesco Millio, moving later to S.Ambrogio Torinese.

Their first product was an auxiliary bicycle engine (3 versions – one for front wheel – 2 for rear wheel – close to pedals or over the rear wheel)

The 1957 Astor Super Sport and Competizione achieved 75 Kph. Itom sold a tuning kit for competition use comprising high compression cylinder head, chrome bore cylinder, Dell’ Orto SS20 carburettor, expansion chamber and piston. The pistons were of various types with either 2 or 3 rings.



1959 Itom Tabor 793 UA

1959_Itom_Tabor_5 copy.jpg


1959_Itom_Tabor_3 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_2 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_15 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_20 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_19 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_16 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_18 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_17 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_6 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_8 copy.jpg

1959_Itom_Tabor_9 copy.jpg


There are some spares that go with it; you can see them in the photos below:

Tabor_Spares_3 copy.jpg

Tabor_Spares_2 copy.jpg

Tabor_Spares_10 copy.jpg

Tabor_Spares_8 copy.jpg

Although I realize that they are worth quite a bit on their own, I do not sell spares, so I’m including all the bits that came with the bike in this auction.


There is very little literature available on the internet for either this model or Itoms in general.
So I’m adding all I have in order to create a public database for future reference.
(The originals of all these items will be included in this motorcycle’s sale)
First of all, here is the original logbook for this Itom Tabor.


The machine was supplied to JT Rogers of King Edward St Leeds on 24th April 1959.
Its registration 793 UA was issued by City Treasury Licenses Office, 40 Park Lane, Leeds.
The taxdisc cost 13/- 10d and expired on 31/12/59.
It was purchased by a Mr. Herbert Oldfield of Dewsbury Rd, Leeds, who kept it until 1963.


The (matching) frame and engine number on this Itom is – 502889.
The stamp on its certificate of origin, issued by the manufacturers, shows it left the Torino factory on 14th February 1959.


The small booklet entitled ‘Itom Tabor 65cc Motorcycle: Specifications’ is in very poor condition.
But it is an extremely rare document in English, so I’m happy to be able to add it to this web page.






1959_Itom_Tabor_13 copy.jpg


My original of the document reproduced below is a photocopy, including English translation.

It’s a review of the 6 models available, and shows 2 variations of the Tabor.







Finally, here are various Itom road tests and articles from the late 1950s and early 1960s










Here are some photos of the Itom after its visit to the workshop, with the fairing removed to display the engine.

The good news is that it runs fine, the functional 3-speed foot-change gearbox appears to be original, and the flanged alloy wheels (with stainless spokes) clean up well.

The only point to detract with this machine is a crack at the right hand edge of the screen (you can see it in better detail in 3 of the photos below).



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You will need basic mechanical skills (or a local mechanic) to use one on a regular basis.
2-Stroke engines – and cyclemotors in particular – are notoriously unreliable. Basic servicing is generally required if unused for even a few weeks.

These are rare vehicles whose values are not necessarily based on running order.
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