Page 180. 1956 Moto Guzzi Cardellino 65. SOLD

1956 Moto Guzzi Cardellino 65

Excellent Condition.

Starts Easily and Rides Well.

DVLA Registered. MOT & Tax.

This is a beautiful motorcycle. Not only that, but it’s small enough to park in your hall so that guests can admire it as they hang up their coats.

It’s also fully functional and an easy lightweight vintage machine to ride. It’s only 63cc, so it’s not that fast, but is ideal for pottering around country roads, local commutes, or nipping out to buy a newspaper.

There are delightful features all over the Cardellino. One of my favourite details is the hand gear-change.

After WW2, European motorcycle manufacturers produced small motorcycles because they were cheaper. Existing motorcyclists were already catered for by larger machines. But manufacturers wanted to encourage cyclists to trade up to motorized transport and, even more important, to get female riders into the saddle. A hand gear-change reminded people of cars, so helped to make potential customers more comfortable with machines such as this baby Moto Guzzi.



The Cardellini was restored some years ago, and has been well looked-after since. The wheels were replaced as tyres are now impossible to find for the original size Cardellini wheels. This is a practical vintage motorcycle to own and use, and would make a great impression wherever you take it: to summer shows, local runs, or just down the pub so you can sit outside and watch people drool over it while you sip your pint.



The Moto Guzzi company was born during WW1. Carlo Guzzi, Giorgio Ripamonti and a well-known racer of the day, Giovanni Ravelli, were pilots in the Italian Air Force. Their plans to make their own motorcycles came to fruition soon after the war, despite the death of Ripamonti a few days after the war ended. The first Moto Guzzi was a a 500 cc single cylinder, produced in 1920 in their new factory in Mandello.

Displaying the Italian Air Corps flying eagle on the petrol tank in honour of Giorgio Ripamonti, Guzzi and Ravelli immediately went racing and took their first win at the torturous Targa Florio. By 1924, Moto Guzzi was a dominant force in the world of motorcycle racing, and by the time they retired in 1957 they had won more than 3,000 races, taken eight world championships, including eleven victories at Isle of Man.

The first small motorcycle manufactured by Moto Guzzi was the 65cc Motoleggera Guzzino, introduced in 1946. The Cardellino 65 took over in 1954 and was produced for two years. It’s easily recognized by its rear suspension. The 1956 model has telescopic front forks, redesigned petrol tank, wider mudguards, and light alloy hub with central brakes. This 1956 ‘65’ is a rare model as it was superceded by the ‘73’ after only one year of production.








OWNER: BuyVintage Online Auctions

LOCATION: Brighton, E.Sussex, United Kingdom


DELIVERY is not included in this auction.

This means that it is not my responsibility,

BUT I can put you in touch with a delivery chap and organize collection;

you liaise with them direct re delivery and pay them separately.

Great Britain – delivery is ONLY £50 for this motorcycle to main parts of England;

extra to extremities such as Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, etc (and may take longer to arrive)

(Please email your postcode if you want to confirm price).


(Collection when they’re in my area; delivery when in yours).


If you want it fast, please organize your own collection.


Ireland & N. Ireland – I’ll recommend some companies, but you’ll have to organize it yourself.

Europe – delivery is probably around €400 to Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, etc. I can recommend two companies.

North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc – I’ll organize all the crating and shipping for you.

PAYMENT: Paypal is okay for cheap items; otherwise deposit only on paypal please.


You must communicate with me before the end of the auction to discuss payment and shipping options.


AFTER PURCHASE: Please email me your phone numbers; I prefer to speak to all purchasers personally.

I do everything I can to make your purchase a pleasurable experience.

I’ve been selling obscure vintage vehicles on ebay since 2002.

Sharing similar interests, I’ve become good friends with many of my customers.

Please feel free to email or phone with any comments or questions…


VEHICLE CONDITION: Vintage vehicles are wonderful beasts

– but each has an individual personality and they sometimes have bad days just like you and me.
You will need basic mechanical skills (or a local mechanic) to use one on a regular basis.

Two-strokes invariably need basic servicing before starting them, if they’ve been left to stand for more than 3 weeks or so.

These are rare vehicles whose values are not necessarily based on running order.



If you have any questions about this (or any other vehicle in these BuyVintage Online Auctions),
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