Page 81. 1965 Veloxolex 3300 Tandem. SOLD

1965 Veloxolex 3300 Tandem

Engine number 3445023

My quest to find interesting vintage vehicles for my customers becomes a mission on occasion. Of course, there are only a finite amount of good-condition, functional and obscure classic machines available. And, with a search area extending beyond British borders, the logistics of finding, buying and collecting can often be protracted to say the least. I bought this one some time ago, but it has taken ages to get it picked up due to its location in a distant part of France. It will finally arrive on my doorstep at the end of April. Here are a few pics to keep you going until then, courtesy of Alain, who had to make a 940 km return journey to get it for me.

Solex tandems have become very collectable in France over the past few years.


Unless your partner also has a Velosolex to accompany you, solexing can otherwise be a lonely sport.


A solo Solex is interesting enough to interrupt the business of passers-by. A Solex Tandem tends to stop them in their tracks. When you own and use a beast as odd as this, be prepared for a busier social life.


An advantage of a Solex tandem is that – unlike a bicycle tandem – it can still be ridden by one, with the rear seat empty.



The Velosolex was introduced right after World War 2.

Like the Italian Lambrettas and Vespas in the scooter world, the Velosolex set the highest standard in its genre, and remained the market leader for ‘cyclomoteurs’ throughout its production run.

Part of this success was due to an admirable marketing campaign: as you can see from the picture below, children grew up as Velosolex customers, with the junior F4 model available for those under 6 years old.*

And M. Hulot also helped the little machine achieve its cult status…

‘Mon Oncle’ (above) is well-known for promoting the cause of the solexiste. But did you know that Brigitte Bardot also rode one, in her first film?

The film was ‘Le Trou Normand’ from 1952 (above). Judging from the precarious position of her pillion passenger, I assume the idea of the Solex Tandem had not yet entered the French consciousness.


These wonderful little machines really are the epitome of french vintage transport. With excellent spares availability, reliability and the practicality of its design, the Velosolex represents an ideal introduction to vintage motoring at a reasonable cost. After I receive the tandem, I’ll make sure everything is ready for the new owner, so that it can be registered and used for some enjoyable vintage motoring this summer.















* Photo courtesy fellow Solex enthusiasts ‘Solex Millenium’- their superb website is here –









OWNER: BuyVintage Online Auctions


LOCATION: Brighton, E.Sussex, United Kingdom


DELIVERY: is not included in this auction. Our website contains details of recommended delivery services.

United Kingdom – delivery is £60 to most parts of the UK.

Europe – delivery is under €400 Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, etc.

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PAYMENT: Paypal is okay for cheap items; otherwise deposit only on paypal please.

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AFTER PURCHASE: Please email me your phone numbers; I prefer to speak to all purchasers personally.


FEEDBACK: I do everything I can to make your purchase a pleasurable experience. But I only leave feedback when someone has taken the trouble to leave it for me.


VEHICLE CONDITION: Vintage vehicles are wonderful beasts – but each has an individual personality and they sometimes have bad days just like you and me.

You will need basic mechanical skills (or a local mechanic) to use one on a regular basis.

2-Stroke engines – and cyclemotors in particular – are notoriously unreliable. Basic servicing is generally required if unused for even a few weeks.


These are rare vehicles whose values are not necessarily based on running order.

Unless an auction description specifically states that the vehicle is running, THE VEHICLE IS SOLD FOR RESTORATION.













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