Page 653. 1937 Villiers Cyc-Auto ‘Model CV’ 98cc Racing Model. SOLD

1937 Villiers Cyc-Auto ‘Model CV’ 98cc Racing Model

Scott Cyc-Autos are the ‘thoroughbreds’ of the vintage autocycle world. Scott was the top two-stroke manufacturer of the 20th century, making expensive engines – even 500cc Scott motorcycles were two-stroke. Villiers engines, meanwhile were the most popular lightweight units, used all over the world. ‘Villiers Services’ still operates today, uniquely supplying new and reconditioned spares for antique Villiers engines.

This Cyc-Auto is a rare and unusual model. For a short time, between the first Wallington-Butt engined Cyc-Auto and the later Scott-powered machines, these unique Villiers engines were used. They were in production only in 1937 and 1938, when the company was purchased by Scott.

Scott continued to use up the old stock of Villiers machines – so in 1938 you could buy either a Villiers Cyc-Auto or, for a bit more money, a new Scott-powered Cyc-Auto.

This particular machine also features Webbs front forks and drop handlebars, and was used for racing. I’m not sure how fast I’d want to go on a 98cc lightweight with cycle brakes, but I can see that it would be an interesting machine to ride on the track.

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