Page 651. All-Chrome Custom Low-Rider 80cc Cyclemotor. SOLD

All-Chrome Custom Low-Rider 80cc Cyclemotor

Extended Front Forks

144 Spoke Wheels

80cc BGF Engine

This superb custom all-chrome cyclemotor was built in the USA, and won various trophies at shows before I bought it and imported it to the UK.

All components are new. I’ve always wanted a modern equivalent to compare to our vintage cyclemotors, and I have to say that it stands up well to the comparison. The extended front forks take a bit of getting used to, as they are self-centering. But after a few minutes of riding you soon get used to that. The engine is quite pokey, and it’s a lot of fun to ride. As you can imagine, you get a lot of admiring looks from fellow road users.

I’m advertising it for sale, though I’d quite enjoy doing some further customization on it, such as lowering the saddle (a simple job), and adding some custom front and rear lights. I’d replace the pedals and mirrors as they are not to my personal taste. That’s what customizing is all about – having fun creating your own personalized machine …and then updating it as the mood takes you.



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