Page 98. 1961 Puch Cheetah Scooter Model DS60R. SOLD

1961 Puch Cheetah Scooter Model DS60R



I’m a sucker for accessories. Especially panniers and windscreen on a baby scooter.


I also particularly like original paintwork and dealer transfers.


My 1961 Cheetah does not exactly speed along with quite the same velocity as its animal namesake. But it is undoubtedly a charming example of that era of the late 1950’s/ early 1960’s before the Japanese invasion – when scooters were all the rage and mopeds and small motorcycles grew bodywork and legshields to give them scooter-style looks.


In 1961/1962 the Austrian company Puch offered two models in the UK, the more upmarket 59cc Cheetah ‘Scooterette’ which sold for £99 17/- 6d, and the bog-standard 50cc MS 50 Nomad for £82 10/-

They are remarkably similar.

From the outset, Puch enjoyed an excellent reputation for its high standard of design, build and reliability – and equally popular were the risque adverts they brought out between the 1950s and 1970s.

This scooterette is an excellent machine …even if scooterists may wonder if they’re really riding a motorcycle and motorcyclists could worry that if they’re not careful they may start to wear ben shermans.

Mopedders needn’t worry about either though: this 60cc machine is much too upmarket for them 🙂

My 1962 Puch Nomad MS 50 VD moped is pictured below as comparison; you’ll see that they are indeed of very similar design. This Puch moped will be offered for sale in a separate ebay auction (Page 114 in this auction catalogue website), so you have the opportunity of owning a matching pair!


The first Puch moped in the fifties was the ‘Steyr-Daimler-Puch MS 50,’ known as ‘baby-Puch’ because of its fragile and small body. Puch enthusiasts consider that it was the first proper production moped. However, it’s difficult to decide where the ‘cyclemotor’ ends and the ‘moped’ begins; the French machines of the early 1950’s in particular could be considered either. If you click on you can observe many examples of the ‘is-it-a-moped-or-is-it-a-cyclemotor?’ debate.

The fifties scooter craze blurred the model categories once again with mopeds or motorcycles that may also be scooters. The Cheetah was described as a ‘scooterette’ and that title now seems to epitomize that era.



This model of Puch was also sold in the USA, where it was re-branded a ‘Sears Allstate.’ Sears also re-sold Vespa and Cushman scooters in the same way; they switched to a ‘Sears’ badge in 1967. Puch mopeds, scooters and motorcycles were marketed as such in the USA from 1954 until 1969.

Re-badged Vespas were sold by Sears between 1951 and 1966.

Re-badged Cushman scooters were sold by them from 1948 until 1960.


01IMG_6828 copy.jpg

This particular Cheetah was first registered 23rd February 1961. It’s in very good condition, and mostly original. I particularly like the original dealer transfer which is still easy to read on the side.

It is motivated by a 3 speed manual 60cc fan-cooled engine. Everything works fine, and it rides well

It had 2 new tyres fitted just before I bought it (a year ago) and the spare is good too. The seat was professionally recovered and looks superb. The windscreen, rear rack and panniers are all period extras that came with the bike when I got it.

The sale includes a couple of Puch articles from magazines of the time and a copy of the parts manual, which is useful for sourcing spare parts – there’s a company in Austria that still supplies most parts for these old Puchs!

I’ve not used it since last summer. The MOT and tax both expired last week, on 1st May, but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t easily pass its next one.

There’s a registration document. It had an age-related registration when I bought it. The reg is 643 XUE.

The mileage is 20,140.

This charming little scooterette should provide faithful service for either regular local use, or for rallies and shows. It can only appreciate in value.

02IMG_6834 copy.jpg

03IMG_6826 copy1.jpg

04IMG_6826 copy.jpg

05IMG_6829 copy.jpg

06IMG_6832 copy.jpg

07IMG_6837 copy.jpg

08IMG_6837 copy1.jpg

09IMG_6833 copy.jpg




Puch Pin-Up Advertising Posters



Over the years, Puch cornered the market in pin-up posters to advertise their products.


The fifties posters are quite glorious…




There was obviously little point having a pin-up provocatively posed on the Puch 125cc Laro 3-Wheeler Utility model…






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You will need basic mechanical skills (or a local mechanic) to use one on a regular basis.
2-Stroke engines – and cyclemotors in particular – are notoriously unreliable. Basic servicing is generally required if unused for even a few weeks.

These are rare vehicles whose values are not necessarily based on running order.
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