Page 63. 1962 NSU Quickly Model S23 3-Speed. SOLD

1962 NSU Quickly Model S23 3-Speed

Excellent Original paintwork

Original Accessory Legshields

New tyres.Mechanically Restored

MOT until 8th August 2011

This charming 48-year-old NSU is in excellent original condition and still retains its accessory legshields.

It starts easily and runs well.

If you have no need to impress fellow motorists with an over-restored chrome-laden high-powered motorcycle, this original NSU might well be the ideal machine for you.

Spares are easily available, fully comp insurance is cheap, the NSU Quickly was very well built …and you can jump on this one and ride it right away.




I bought this NSU from a friend; it had been in dry storage for many years.


So my mechanic has had it in his workshop, and has given it a thorough seeing to.

New tyres have been fitted (£25 each from Tony Etheridge); and it has a new MOT.

The wheels are in good condition under the grease.

The saddle is in very good condition too.

The metal rear box is a charming 1960s home-built innovation. Most mopeds used to have such things fitted to them. Unfortunately, a 21st century warped idea of ‘correct restorations’ means that the only accessories now usually fitted are those available when the vehicle was new.




You can restore a bike a hundred times. But it’s only original once.

With so many vintage machines now restored (and over-restored) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good original examples that have not been messed with. I’m a fully paid-up member of the ‘Oily Rag Club.’ While I do not wish to offend fellow enthusiasts who like to restore bikes, I have to say that when I go to a show I walk past all the restored examples …and stop only to look at unrestored machines.

In years to come, there may well be no unmolested examples left! I was told recently about a private collector who, in his will, left a large collection of valuable vintage bicycles to a Coventry museum. They were all in remarkable original condition. When a member of the family went to visit them some time later he was astounded to discover that they had all been painted in hammerite. Even the museum staff were dismayed, and explained that a well-meaning member of staff had thought he was doing them a favour.

Surface rust and fading paint gives a bike character, just like the laughter lines on our faces. Do you prefer cosmetic surgery? Or are you growing old gracefully? This NSU Quickly is growing old gracefully too 🙂



My mechanic has polished a two inch strip on each wheel so you can see how well it will come up after polishing.

If you want to make a useful cosmetic contribution to this machine, a new exhaust would look good.



The history of the NSU Quickly is well-documented. You can read about it in the Online Cyclemaster Museum – – because, of course, it was such a revolutionary design for its day and so well-made it was almost single-handedly responsible for the demise of the cyclemotor.

In the 1950′s it was common for manufacturers to sponsor riders to take their models on long-distance journeys to prove their reliability. As you can see here, various intrepid characters took their NSU Quicklys on round-the-world trips.



108 YUC


As you can see from the old dealer transfer, this NSU Quickly was originally supplied by Smiths Motorcycles, of Broadway Parade, West Drayton. It was first registered to a Mr. J.E Aldridge of Yiewsley, Midx, on 23 October 1962. The old style logbook (below) was current until 1974. It lost its original registration. It now has a current style DVLA Registration Document with the registration 108 YUC. It’s MOT’d and taxed for 11 months.



Can’t you just see yourself jumping onto the saddle and riding this delightfully original NSU Quickly into the sunset?




OWNER: BuyVintage Online Auctions

LOCATION: Brighton, E.Sussex, United Kingdom


DELIVERY is not included in this auction.

This means that it is not my responsibility,

BUT I can put you in touch with a delivery chap and organize collection;

you liaise with them direct re delivery and pay them separately.


Great Britain delivery is ONLY £40 for this moped to main parts of England;

extra to extremities such as Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, etc (and may take longer to arrive)

(Please email your postcode if you want to confirm price).


(Collection when they’re in my area; delivery when in yours).


If you want it fast, please organize your own collection.


Ireland & N. Ireland – I’ll recommend some companies, but you’ll have to organize it yourself.

Europe – delivery is probably around €400 to Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, etc. I can recommend two companies.

North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc – I’ll organize all the crating and shipping for you.

PAYMENT: Paypal is okay for cheap items; otherwise deposit only on paypal please.


You must communicate with me before the end of the auction to discuss payment and shipping options.


AFTER PURCHASE: Please email me your phone numbers; I prefer to speak to all purchasers personally.

I do everything I can to make your purchase a pleasurable experience.

I’ve been selling obscure vintage vehicles on ebay since 2002.

Sharing similar interests, I’ve become good friends with many of my customers.

Please feel free to email or phone with any comments or questions…


VEHICLE CONDITION: Vintage vehicles are wonderful beasts

– but each has an individual personality and they sometimes have bad days just like you and me.
You will need basic mechanical skills (or a local mechanic) to use one on a regular basis.

Two-strokes invariably need basic servicing before starting them, if they’ve been left to stand for more than 3 weeks or so.

These are rare vehicles whose values are not necessarily based on running order.




If you have any questions about this (or any other vehicle in these BuyVintage Online Auctions),
you can contact Colin in our Customer Service Department between 9am and 7pm daily:

By Phone – (UK 0044) 07866-126469

By email –

The Auction Catalogue is our website –




to see what’s currently being sold



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